"Everybody Has Something" is a book about differences. It features pictures of real kids with real issues like cavities, cancer, braces, hearing aids, and a whole lot more. It's purpose is to introduce diversity, nurture self esteem, and promote acceptance of all people. "Everybody Has Something" is written for the young reader and appreciated by everyone. After all, Everybody Has Something!



This is a picture of me when I was in fourth grade. I think I was pretty cute, but I got made fun of a lot! Kids used to call me "buck-tooth beaver" and "Margarine," among other things. I remember feeling so different from everybody else, like I was the only one in my grade-school who didn't fit-in. I wasn't of course, but I sure felt like I was.  I definitely suffered from having negative child self esteem issues.

Fast forward 20 years... I'm getting my kids (I have four of them) ready for bed and they all start talking about how different they feel. Jessica has pimples, and that day a substitute teacher asked her if she had chicken pox! Jack's friends had been making fun of him, saying he drank "baby milk" (he has PKU and is on a medical diet). Madeline wondered why other kids didn't have tummy aches like she did. And Max was mad because he didn't like the lotion I was putting on him to keep his eczema under control. All of my kids were feeling the same way I had felt so many years before.

I needed a way to teach my kids that EVERYBODY feels different sometimes and that EVERYBODY has things in their lives that set them apart from everybody else... and that's okay! I looked at bookstores and libraries, but couldn't find what I was looking for. My husband suggested that I write my own book, so I did. That is how Everybody Has Something came to be.

Author's note... Have you ever been with a small child and encountered a physically disabled person? Kids will often ask "What's wrong with him?" Since Everybody Has Something has come into our lives, my children now say "Wow, look what she has!"

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